These are some of the pictures from our investigations, as a group and personal. Don't expect to find a bunch of orbs like most sites because you won't see many here. These are pictures we thought show the true meaning of paranormal.


Picture was taken in the shed of a burnt house in Astor Florida in which 5 people died. I don't know if this is paranormal or not, but the face is really cool.


Close up of Face.


Picture was taken at Sand Mine Quarry Pond in the Ocala National Forest on the Seminole Indian Hunting Grounds, during an Eclipse.


Picture taken at Cassadaga Florida. This was taken in the middle of the woods, there were no lights around anywhere but our flashlights, which were not red.


Picture taken at Cassadaga Florida.  This picture was taken at the old homestead in the woods.


Taken at Moss Bluff Cemetery in Silver Springs Florida. The only changes to this photo is I made is black and white to be clearer, below is a zoomed cropped photo of the pink circled area.


Cropped of the above.


Lightened of the above.


Taken at Moss Bluff Cemetery. Just a strange shot. Cropped photo follows.


Cropped photo of above.


See the flying white spot?


Cropped of above.


Taken at Umatilla Police Dept in Umatilla Florida. There were no lights at all on but look on the ceiling.