I am Ty W. Poland a Full-Trans-Medium. I'm 45 years old and have been working with Spirits and Demonic Entities alike, professionally since age twenty. All of my equipment is tuned within myself. Studied under my Great Grand-Father a Shaman and my Aunt who was a Hereditary Witch. Learning to fight against the dark with the light, using nature to heal and Guardian Angels to preserve life. I teach Angelic Meditation and Psychic Ability control.


I was born in Ohio and raised in Georgia mostly, I have lived in the Ocala National Forest for almost 18 years now. I have expierenced the paranormal all of my life, I have seen things, felt things, and known things were about to happen before they did. I love exploring the paranormal and unknown, I also love history and Genealogy, taking photo's, and transcribing cemeteries and photographing them.


I was born and raised in New York , moved to Palm Coast florida in 1996, then moved to Ocala in 1998, and still reside here. Part of my family has the gift of astral projection, seeing things before they happen, feeling presences and smelling perfumes, have seen spirits as balls of light and in mists.
Apparently my mothers side of the family is where we inherited it from and when questioned we were all told it's the curse of the family, and I found my mom and 2 of my sisters are afraid of it and push it away. My one sister and I were facsinated and explored it more. I love exploring the unknown, and paranormal and investigating to find more.


I am Ricky Floyd Thomson, born July 14th (Bastille Day) "1950" in my home town of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I met Mr. Poland in "1998" and started learning the ways of Second Sight. An ability grew to seeing the spirits of Felines/Cats. I am a Cat lover and so I feel the connection with the Egyptian Goddess Bastet or Bast. My religion is that of Wicca and Baha'i, following a daily path of love thy brother and thy sister as thy love thy self. I am the Heart of the group, bringing peace and harmony in times of discord. I have the use of a Digital Camera and an EVP Recorder. Plus, various Ancient tools of the Mystics.


I was born in Ocala,FL., raised mostly here and retired here.
I have had experiences with the paranormal all my life and investigated them and worked with others in knowing about things they experienced.



I am originally from Mass. As in Salem, the home of the Witch Hunts. I am very interested in History and enjoy visiting places of historic value. Do I believe in Spirits, yes. Have I personally experienced the Paranormal, No, Would I like to believe in the "Life after Death. Yes. My professional life has been in business management. Which means to me that I am 100% reality. I guess the best way to describe my involvement in this group, is "Show me the Facts" and I will listen. I am a skeptic, but I am also very open to "Facts", I don't need to see "God" to believe in him. But, I have been taught through my life that He is real, by the teachings of many learned scholars. But at the same time, what I have been taught, are nothing more than "Readings from the Bible and the Bible is nothing more than interpretations formed by the authors of "Gods Word" Can I consider those interpretations to be "Facts" No, I am therefore, open to any and all, opinions and will listen . But honestly, I will be the "Devils Advocate" and will need, either written history,  or I will need to actually witness for my self, any paranormal activity. Yes, I am the Skeptic of this group.